Temporary Courses

Throw For A Change

For a fun, affordable, easygoing group gathering, consider hosting a disc golf event in your community. TinLid will set up a course layout and equip your group with the necessary discs to make a day of it. Disc golf is simple to learn and provides the active, social group fun that many organizations and businesses are looking for. Forget the costly hassles of traditional ball golf tournaments, which are challenging for people who have never swung a club. As anyone can learn to throw a disc, you’re one call away from hosting a great day. 

Temporary Courses

For communities interested in assessing the viability of a disc golf course, setting up a temporary course is a great way to test run the game. TinLid will map out a temporary 9 or 18-hole course with official moveable targets and tee off areas. Your group is then able to better understand the game and how it would fit into a tract of land under consideration. We also suggest hosting a disc golf day for your community to gauge interest in taking your project to the next stage. 

do you want a temporary course for your next event?

TinLid has the equipment and experience you need to make it a huge success.