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Aceplace offers a genuine disc golf experience in a size that’s convenient and quick to play. Designed to occupy a small tract of land the aceplace course features beginner friendly hole lengths that are fun for all ages and skill sets.

Step 1: Design

Expert design transforms your green space into a disc golf course that people will love!

AcePlace is a great way to get people in your community outside enjoying nature and staying active.  Disc golf is a great sport for the whole family.  Our expert designers can make sure that your course is safe, fun, and makes the best use of the features that your space already has.

We will provide a comprehensive course design, including:

  • Pins, Tees, & Signage locations
  • On-site marking for installation
  • Site preparation guidance
  • Conceptual design
  • Cost estimates for site prep
  • Scorecard design
  • Course map design
  • Tee sign design

Step 2: Support

We provide the equipment and expertise to make your project a success

Included Equipment

  • DISCatcher Pro 28 Targets (9)
  • Highly visible Tee Markers (9 sets)
  • Metal Tee Signs (9)
  • Metal Course Overview Signs (1)
  • Next Tee Markers (9)
  • Innova Golf Discs (50)

Additional Resources

  • Course maintenance plan
  • Installation guide and best practices
  • Equipment and material suggestions
  • Course video and photography
  • Social media promotion
  • Event support and guidance
  • Disc golf programming support
  • UDisc listing
  • Disc Golf Course Review listing

Step 2: Play

Disc Golf is fun for everyone, and AcePlace is a great way to get started!
Now watch your green space become a great space for people to use. Whether players are checking out the sport for the first time, playing a casual round with some friends and fellow enthusiasts, or whether for organized play, your investment will bring enjoyment for many years to come.
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