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Irwin Eagles Disc Golf Course
Dwight, ON

Irwin Eagles Disc Golf Course

This course was built on a buggy Saturday in June of 2019 was a brilliant example of why disc golf works. We had almost 20 volunteers out for the day. We installed all of the targets, cleared all the fairways and excavated for the tee pads. The course was ready to play the next morning.

The layout of this course has two distinct parts…the Field Five and the Wooded Seven. The objective was to create a small course in the yard for student programming, the Field Five, and to create an extended course in the adjacent woodlot that could be enjoyed by the community and visitors to the area. Combined they create an eleven hole layout that most players will enjoy. A bonus part of the project is that the Wooded Seven also serves as a cross country running trail in the fall a snowshoe circuit in the winter. Check this course out on Udisc and plan to play it the next time you venture to Dwight.

Holes: 12
Par: 36
Couse Length: 1982 ft
Tees: Concrete
Targets: Innova Disc Catcher Pro
Property Type: School
Established: 2019
Cost to Play: Free, but unavailable during school hours
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Irwin Eagles Disc Golf Course
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